Ramana Bhaskara


Words of Wisdom
(Translation of Amrutha Vakkulu Telugu Book)
Sri Nannagaru's Blessings

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  1. Dear Soul mates! God has explained only about Bhakti, Karma, Dhyana and Jnana as different yogaís (practices). But if you ask me, even mere understanding is a great yoga (practice). Don't you get faith (Shraddha) by only understanding?
  2. My Dear Friends! By just looking at me, if your mind doesnít divert towards self or if you are not able to receive the peace, then the fault is mine not yours.
  3. If your intellect is unable to grasp my words then the fault is mine not yours.
  4. If I have true purity in my heart, my words will chase you even if you want to forget them.
  5. My words work on you only if I have purity and peace in my heart. If you are unable to receive the peace by my remembrance, then it implies there is lack of purity in myself.
  6. If you donít have love for me, it is my responsibility to propagate that love.
  7. If I cannot consider your sins as mine, I am not eligible to preach. Try to reform others instead of addressing others as sinners.
  8. My Dear Friends! Your intellect cannot grasp the spiritual help or progress that you receive from me.
  9. Whatever name you may take or whatever form you may worship, I always wish for your welfare wholeheartedly. It is only for this good quality that God has given me Jnana. You also try to purify your hearts. "Blessed are the ones who are pure at heart, for they shall see God. They are consoled who cry for God", said Jesus.
  10. I donít expect your money, prostrations and garlands, if you understand my words properly, that itself is the real honor to me.
  11. As your body needs food, your mind needs my words. If you digest the food that you intake your body becomes healthy. If you understand my words, your mind becomes healthy.
  12. If you understand my words, itís not me who gains; it is you who will gain. My words will help you to know yourself. You will not get happiness in knowing me but you will definitely get happiness in knowing yourself.
  13. If you are told that a snake bites, you will definitely recollect these words when you look at a snake. Similarly you may not understand the importance of my words today but you will understand them on some day, in some or the other birth.
  14. Do not think that you donít have Bhagawanís Grace; otherwise you wouldnít listen to these words.
  15. Can we ever lighten the wet match sticks? We are like wet match sticks. Bhagawan is drying out our wet minds. Once they are dried completely, he will certainly lighten the lamp of Jnana in you.
  16. Even though all types of water are similar, only certain water is used for drinking. Similarly even though all people look alike be very careful in making friends.
  17. Love and sacrifice are great, but even they reflect duality. We should go beyond them.
  18. My dear friends! Donít think that you are wasting your time in listening to my words. The moments that you spent in listening to my words are the sweetest moments in your life.
  19. Sri Rama killed Ravana. Sri Krishna killed Kamsa. I am killing your time.
  20. If charity brings purity, purity brings perfection. Emotion is not devotion. Act but donít react. Reaction increases your distance towards reality.


Courtesy: Hyderabad Devotees
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