Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Jinnuru

Date: 7 March 2010


My Dear Soul-mates,

It is difficult to get good books and good friends. You get tempted and then spoiled by bad friendship in six months itself. Restricted diet and controlled sense-organs are necessary. Be careful in diet and no extremities in diet. Keep your mind and body fit and use it for sadhana (spiritual practice). Fame-defamity, respect-disrespect, love-hatred-dualities, if you stand against all these, you certainly possess some specialty which helps in spirituality. Reduce attachment towards body and house. Your thought word and deed should revolve around Me (God). Remember God, do not leave His Lotus feet, by His grace you will overcome the Maya (illusion). Do not be deaf and dumb. Listen to good words and reproduce good words to others. Do perform your allotted duty willingly, with love and liking and not angrily.

Birth is destined by (KARMA=Accumulated Acts) and not by our thoughts or desires. Meditating, chanting the Holy name of God, never forgetting his name and form, the mind gets controlled and above all will act as a barrier against negative thoughts and external attractions thereby will lead you towards God.

Destiny does not exist for the person who has insight. There is destiny for the one who has external attractions and therefore experiences it. Destiny exists for the body and the body and mind-bounded person. When you possess envy and jealousy you can never see good qualities in others. Destiny is like a released arrow. It cannot be taken back. BUT for the bodyless and mindless there is no destiny. Where is destiny for the realized soul? The one who is beyond likes-dislikcs, love-hatred dualities, Praise and criticism should be taken equally or you possess body-boundedness. The whole fruit totally is God where as the juice and the essence inside it is the Sage, the Saint who directly makes you absorb it.

Listen and Hear with the mind for Me. Turn your mind towards Me for Me, Desire only for Me. He who desires God is the true devotee. Spending money wisely is more difficult than earning it like digesting food is more difficult than eating it. You should perform every action to gain the grace of God only and you should take God as your support. CULTIVATE these three qualities sacrifice, charity and Penance. ELIMINATE these three: attachments. Fear, greediness. When the person you like the most abuses you or beats you only then you get detachment because you are totally attached to them. TAPAS(Penance) is to totally end the body-boundedness that too it should be removed with the root then only it is true Tapas(Penance). The worldly attractions by enjoying become strong tendencies from births by births. They can be eliminated by Gurus(Saint) grace and previous births merits etc. Attachment, fear, misery, grief, unrest, find out the cause of these and uproot the cause, everything will go. By thinking with an agitated mind, you get spoiled and ruined. Your sorrow is washed away by SLOKA(scriptures), you become pure by remembering, meditating, chanting the name of God and then reach Him and get united with Him. Money, Property, Lands, Wealth etc protect them, safeguard them. God only will give you salvation.

I am This, I am That -Do Not Think. Do not get mixed into external matters and Do not get identified with anything or anybody, even in fame or defamity, richness or poverty, gradually the mind gets dissolved. Do perform your duty and forget it. Tell and guide somebody or in family too, if they do not listen to you, do not spoil your brain, just leave it. Remember, we are a toy in the hands of God, nothing is in our hands.

Actions are classified into three types in the Bhagawadh Gita.

  1. KARMA(ACTION=Performing Allotted Duty)

  2. Vikarma (Prohibited acts which bring sorrow, misery and unrest)

  3. Akarma (INACTION= Not performing allotted duty)

God works and Man works too. God's work is unseen, He is mindless, bodyless, everythingless, there are no ups and downs and no profit nor loss for God, but He still keeps working and Whatever God does is Akarma(INACTION)

Man works and thinks that I work, i.e. due to human qualities and it becomes Karma( ACTION) which ties him and binds him. Whatever you do is Karma (ACTION) because it is done with ego. We also should work as God works, perfectly and in a selfless manner. When you perform your duty selflessly and without dualities it is equal to Akarma (INACTION).

Karma(ACTION), in Akarma(INACTION) and Akarma(INACTION) in Karma (ACTION). Whether you think or not, whether you work hard or not, whether you do the work or not, everything happens according to the will of God. Both Man's and God's will exists but only God's will Prevails. Every Action has equal and opposite Reaction. (Newton's Third Law of Gravity). But without doership there is no action and nor any reaction. Any deed without doership, egoless, mindless, bodyless, without ups and downs, it is as if you have not done anything and there are no more tendencies and when people may praise you or criticise you and you remain peaceful in both the conditions then there is no bondage. ONLY when you do or not do any ACTION without doership, ONLY by the will of God it happens, Accept the will of God. Everything is God's will, See God in every Action and dedicate every Action to God, Then it becomes Akarma INACTION in ACTION (Karma). Then there is no sorrow. Where is sorrow then?

Everything is in the mind. Remove the mind, then you become one with Brahmam, God. Dispel the three, the seen, the seer, the seeker(mind). Be as you are. Dreams, whether good or bad are unfulfilled desires and tendencies and are created by God and are not under our control. I am tired in the dream but the body does not work and get tired in dream State. It is untrue, unreal till we awaken. This Life also is like a long-dream till we awaken into the Truth. If you understand the subject you can enjoy that heavenly bliss here and now in this body itself.

Do or Die for Salvation. For which you need foundation, healthy mind, awareness, intellect, dispassion, discrimination, purity of mind and above all craving and urge for salvation. Do not get cheated or deceived by others. All that glitters is not gold. Start Saadhana (spiritual practice) from today. Utilise your time properly. You too follow the path of elders. Learn and do knowledgeful work, knowing should be for gaining Self-Knowledge. Self-less knowing will not tie you or bind you. Remove, pull, draw out the three - the seen, the seer, the seeker, then, that which you are will get expressed to you.

By enjoyments the hidden tendencies are formed and they get strengthened then they are projected into your dreams. Face is the index of the mind. We can read through the eyes. The eyes express your mind. Everything is created by the mind. Everything changes, the climates, world etc. But I remain as I am.

How much ever Saadhana (practice, effort) you Perform, without My grace, you cannot attain Salvation, You cannot cross My Maya(illusion) without My grace. You may fall into any external attractions in one moment, What is your Sadhana and you. Only by My grace you can overcome them.

By My grace you will reach that ultimate state that Absolute Bliss.



Courtesy: Smt Neelam
© 2010 Sri Ramana Kshetram, Jinnuru 534265, Andhra Pradesh, India
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