Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Chinchinada

Date: 12 February 2010


My Dear Soul-mates,

Today is Mahashivarathri. Lord Shiva blessess with goodness. He being in the form of LINGAM (STONE) means purity and goodness, manifested only to fulfill the desires of the devotees. God works unaided without any assistance of even body or senses-organs. All forms (God or Saint) are the same. To whichever form your mind gets fixed, you can worship it. The Holy name of RAMA is enough to remove the tendencies within us, ACHRYA (Saint), He thinks about you with knowledge, foundation, beautifully, gracefully, the presentation becomes wonderful in a Blessing language. There should exist mutual love and understanding between a saint and a disciple. The preacher should forget that He had preached and the disciple should possess heartful gratitude towards the Guru (Saint). Even the school teachers should forget that they have taught only then the education will be imparted into the students.

There is no body in Liberation. Where there is body there is sickness, disease, fights, litigations etc in family also. Hear good words and reproduce good words wherever required, do not pretend to be deaf and dumb in this regard. Preach God's words only to eligible and deserving people, do not waste God's words, it will be like throwing gems in front of pigs, they will stamp them under their feet. You should have Faith in God, it will lead you to the goal. Guru's (Saint) grace will take you to the destination. By your own effort you may take four steps but by faith in Him, Guru will take you to four hundred steps and to the goal too where even God will not make any objection. The Truth, Peace, Bliss, Happiness, Liberation, Self-knowledge, dwells in your heart and it can be attained without mind and body but because the self, the Truth within you is so very pure and clean, transparent, why cannot it be attained by that very pure, clean and transparent mind? By chanting the Holy name of SRI RAMA, the crookedness in the mind gets eliminated and there is no need of any physical exercises too.

Do not exhibit your wealth. Money, power, name, fame, education, pride etc lead to arrogance. Your thought word and deed should produce non-violence. You follow your own nature, do not compare it with others by which your mind gets purified and by faultless mind you gain supreme knowledge and salvation, therefore no rebirth. You should possess honesty and sincereity then you will be able to stand in front of God for you are answerable to God. Follow your own spiritual path with patience and tolerance and never feel hurt for anything and do not fall prey into the other person's trap. Try to cultivate good qualities, simplicity, normalcy etc and practice them with effort, This is Sadhana (spiritual practice). When your stomach is full, you cannot eat even your favourite sweet, similarly, when you attain that Supreme State you do not get attracted towards external matters. Keep your mind and body fit. All world is dream stuff. Only the Truth in the Heart is real. By constant effort and constant enquiry can reach into the depths of the Heart. Practice solitude Think, ponder, watch all your good and bad qualities till you reach the goal, then you will learn control of mind.

Read the Bhagawadh Gita, by those good words strength increases, memory increases, intellect increases, the mind gets purified and your nature and behaviour gets thinned, diluted. Throw all the faults and tendencies in the fire of knowledge. Ignorance should die before the body dies. Enjoyments - pleasure from external matters, wealth, people property are dependent will change into pain and sickness. Joy is Independent, it is fresh always remains forever for it emerges from within, naturally. The mind needs some or the other occupation, so the best function to allot to it is Constant Remembrance of God. Everything is created by the mind. Start purifying the mind, uplift it yourself, no outsider will do it. The doership, the Artifical or False I is the cause of pain, unrest, rebirth. Keep this I aside and then talk, the speech will be gentle and will get merged into the other person's blood. All creations of the mind die when the mind dies. There is no individuality in Liberation. You should cultivate true love and faith towards God, endless faith, living faith, constant, stable and balanced devotion towards Him. Unstable devotion is like that of a prostitute.

We are dying daily, in deep-sleep state, by which we get detached from the body till we awaken. Like Mahashivaratri, the Maha sleep i.e. death enters and we get permanently detached from the body. Therefore before sleeping daily Remember God or Remember those who love you and like you and those who are your well-wishers, then you will sleep properly, happily and deeply, which in return will help you and prepare you for that permanent sleep i.e. death. Do not remember those who hate you or dislike you then your sleep will get disturbed. As in deep-sleep state you experience everythingless state, mindless, bodyless, worldless Godless, so also in wakeful state it can be experienced in this body itself by the control of mind through the grace of Guru(Saint).



Courtesy: Smt Neelam
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