Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Valamarru

Date: 30 January 2010


My Dear Soul-mates,

Birth and death are destined. Understand the subject properly. Why do we get sorrow? Due to Doership ego and body-boundedness. Service with ego and service without ego. Every body possesses ego. Speak to people in a balanced manner. Your speech should be balanced. From where do the desires arise? Mainly from within (Personal). Sometimes from comparison too. Desires always cause unrest and by comparison they ruin you. Fortune and misfortune both are dreams, once you realise this you will get insight. Habits follow us from many births and they turn into tendencies. Sometimes we form new habits. It is still more dangerous. The mind uses the body as and when required. Purify the mind and cleanse it, If our mind is peaceful, obedient, calm, under control, we do not need any help of relatives or friends. When our mind is spoiled, our mind and sense-organs spoil us nobody else can spoil us. Maya (Illusion) attacks us every hour.

ALBERT EINSTEN - SCIENTIFIC GENIOUS But we could not see Intellectual alloofness in him. He was egoless and mixed easily with the common man. He said, Ideas come from God. Even after his greatest scientific developments to the humanity he being humility personified, his last speech was that I gained a lot from the society but I could not return to the society.

BE AS YOU ARE NATURAL AND NORMAL We can experience peace, Heavenly peace, Bliss. Joy is entirely different from enjoyments. Joy brings peace, It is Independent, whereas enjoyments bring dependent happiness which later bring sorrow with compounded interest. Where there is no satisfaction, there is no happiness. We get desires from innate tendencies transformed from strong habits. To Get withdrawn from them is sadhana (spiritual practice). This is possible firstly by understanding them one by one and by effort they will come out of us. Do perform your duty heartfully, sincerely, lovingly, with dedication and devotion and purely to gain the love of God and never for fame or any other selfish motive.

How do you spend your leisure time? Depending on it, the quality of the mind can be tested, whether it is balanced, spiritual, elevated or not. Bhagwadh Gita is a Balanced Epic. Read it and preach it. Your eyes express the feelings of the mind, whether pure, calm, peaceful, stable or full of Irritation, agitation, anger etc.

As the body lives in the house, so also the mind should dweil in the caves of the spiritual heart. When the mind is in the Brain its wandering and wavering increase while in the heart, the mind gets subdued and controlled. By education you do not learn self thinking. By Independent decision problems can be solved. Subject should be followed properly with clarity and understanding. Understanding itself is YOGA.

Let the whole world be against you, you do not lose your mental balance and peace. When you are at peace and balanced any sorrow will not touch you, just sees you from a distance and leaves. For, you are in the remembrance of God so it gets scared of you. Where there is no peace there is no joy. Be calm, Be Cool, be Quiet, This is essential according to Bhaktha Tukaram. All Bodies are shadows. The devotion of Ishwara (God) should be done by all human beings. A Saint is a true Happy Person. When you do not aspire for happiness, even unhappiness, defamity does not touch you. By doership you get rebirths and misery. How long will you depend on external happiness? Maya (illusion) touches us daily therefore unrest.

Reduce Rajoguna (the Principle of inertia) it causes unrest, desires,anger,hatred,jealousy,envy,tendencies by which the mind gets spoiled. Once the Rajoguna is decreased, the mind obtains peace, endless peace. The mind uses the body and the sense-organs. Once the mind gets ended it does not have any work with the body therefore no rebirth. Pleasure is of many types, like eating, watching movies, friends, relatives, enjoyments all these are dependent happiness, always at risk like the palace of cards. Best pleasure is the True Happiness, Bliss which is in your Heart and it is Independent and endless. Cultivate insight. Keep the body fit by Restricted diet and use your body for sadhana (spiritual practice). What will you do with this body if not for sadhana? Live Life faultlessly with pure, neat and clean mind. By faultless life you get united with God which is within your heart. Be careful in thought word and deed. Your speech should be short and sweet and soft and smooth too. Do not spoil your intellect, it will get polluted.

Come out of the name and form, then you attain that Absolute state and you will attain all the attributes of Brahmam (God) then Bliss blesses you. Worldly love-motherly love is conditional and selfish. Guru's (God's) Love is pure, selfless and unconditional. Turn your face towards God, walk till you can, The rest He will take care of it. We possess one body and many sense-organs and they are against tendencies, so we do not have the chance to become happy. TALK LESS. There is no need for speech one should be a MAN OF FEW WORDS. By talking more, body-boundedness increases.

By Guru's (saint) grace you should attain liberation, salvation, Bliss in this body itself.



Courtesy: Smt Neelam
© 2010 Sri Ramana Kshetram, Jinnuru 534265, Andhra Pradesh, India
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