Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Hyderabad

4th December 2008 - Jinnuru


My Dear Soul-mates,

Today is Subramanyeswara Swamy Shashti. Shashti means the sixth day in the Hindu calendar. Su = good, well. Brahmanya = the supreme Knowledge. Iswara = Lord Shiva. Swamy = THE WHOLE AND SOLE LORD, THE INDWELLER. It therefore means that HE is the good LORD who knows the Supreme Knowledge very well. This sixth day (Shashti) falls prior to the full moon day of Margasira Masam( according to Hindu calendar). HE is the son of LORD SHIVA( knowledge) AND PARVATHI( power), the rare combination of the both GOD incarnates, but not born, manifested from the third eye of LORD SHIVA on this particular day, to kill TARAKASURA( The demon). HE is the six-faced GOD and is also named, KARTIKEYA and KUMARA swamy, the LORD who remains ALWAYS KUMARA = EVER YOUTHFUL.

SANATHAKUMARA the great saint, is the mental son of LORD BRAHMA. He knows only self-knowledge, He sees self everywhere and in everybody and nothing else, no dualities, no separateness nothing. GOD SHIVA and PARVATHI were fascinated by Him and His knowledge and Hence forth for the incarnation of KUMARA Swamy SARATHAKUMARA was born as the son of LORD SHIVA. SANATHAKUMARA's teachings are highly wonderful, related only to the self.

BIRTH AND DEATH ARE UNREAL. You cannot attain self-knowledge till you know this TRUTH. Sense-organs should be used only for the required purpose and that too in a very stingy manner. The more you use them, the more you fall prey them. It is very difficult to cultivate a good quality AND it is still more difficult, nearly impossible to decrease or destroy a bad quality. Identify your faults and try to rectify them. Do not bother about others, try to purify yourself and uplift yourself. Be self-dependant and if anybody depends on you too, teach them self-dependence.

All beings are deluded by the three modes of nature( SATVA- the quality of goodness, RAJAS- the principle of activity, TAMAS- the principle of inertia), Do not associate with the people of RAJAS and TAMAS nature. It is like being in a pot with holes in it Keep your mind and sense-organs cool and calm and use them only for the required purpose.

DISCIPLINE is greater than ALL the Wealth, power, education etc Discipline is the basic quality for self-knowledge. God knows what is the best for us. Even one thought for enjoyments leads you into the cycle of births and deaths. Identify your weakness and try to eliminate them. Overcome the dualities- anger, passion, likes-dislikes, love-hatred etc. LIFE IS A LONG DREAM. External sorrow or happiness should not disturb you. Real happiness is inside. All illusion is in the mind. Be away from ' I' and MINE.

We can reach that fearless state through inward journey by dispassion that too by true dispassion. That which is seen by the seer is unreal. In the depth of the sea, there are no waves, similarly, in the depth of the mind there are no thoughts and no wavering. All outside supports, favourable situations, fortunes etc are temporary. Do not depend for peace on outside people and do not get carried away by tales. No Doership for' I' does not exist. The ' I' is only a thought. We do not know equanimity. We like to over power or dominate others. We expose the faults of others and conceal our faults. Follow the subject properly, The TRUE I remains forever without getting involved into outside happiness or sorrows.

We need keen observation of the thoughts and by self-examination we know that All thoughts are centred in the mind, i,e. the body-bounded I SANATHA KUMARA saw LORD SHIVA as the self and everybody else also. No Separateness.

FEAR is only a thought. Till you are identified with the mind, body, society, outside matters, Fear will never leave you. Fear is the main cause of sorrow, suffering, pain and also for the cycle of births and deaths.

Any amount of knowledge, virtuous deeds, religious practices you may acquire or perform cannot lead you to the supreme knowledge, salvation, liberation.

When you see the self in everybody you can attain peace, happiness, bliss. By self-enquiry your weaknesses get eliminated. When you treat friend and foe alike, God's grace showers on you. Rectify your conduct and behaviour. These are the wonderful teachings of SANATHA KUMARA - No Separateness. ONLY SELF. ALWAYS KUMARA.


Courtesy: Smt Neelam
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