Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Patalameraka

28th November 2007


My Deal Soul-mates,

Satyam, Shivam, Shiva is goodness, Ravi is Light, Shiva is Advaitan - dualities less. Kaama is Manmatha, Kaala is Yama Dharmaraja who records births and deaths AND The one who has conquered these two is ISHWARA and if you remember Ishwara you can reach that state. Increase the time for remembering God and chanting His Holy name. True Birthday is the day when you realise the naked truth true consciousness. Ignorance is in our mind and in body-boundedness. Whatever the mind thinks is important. The separateness is created by the mind. We should read, hear, follow, preach only good. Be careful, the mind should be good, it should be cleansed and purified.

Arunachalam - The great fire lamp, fortunate are those who have seen it, for their ignorance gets burned gradually. Shruthi - Hearing and Smrithi- remembering is meant only for God and only God's word is competent. Every life runs according to the will of God, good or bad and whether you know it or not. The moment of birth and death, life-span, happiness, sorrow, every situation is pre-planned, destined. Prayer and austerities are meant for the concentration and purification of the mind and Sense - organs and we get inner-sight and realisation. Every body dies and every death takes birth. Social order caste system are created, fabricated. Even temples, God are created by the mind. Till you realise the truth, I ness,myness will torture you in every birth. Worship is essential, support is required for the concentration of the mind. The path of knowledge, inquiry is the ultimate, final.

Do not imitate or copy anybody in spirituality. We should wear the clothes of our size. Imitation comes from fear. Fear comes from illusion or imagination it is fear that spoils the health, indigestion and brings weakness, sorrow, fame, defame and the mind gets polluted.

Ishwara's grace is always there. Hanuman with subtle body blesses you. Try spiritual journey with fullness and without separateness. Salvation is permanent the rest is temporary. The undiluted happiness, unbroken, endless,fullest peace, joy you get from saints, advanced souls, elevated souls, highly cultured, perforated Souls, realized souls. The presence is enough, enough is enough, spoken, written expression as if it overflows from the already full cup of coffee. A saint's tongue is in his Heart. He preaches with love. If you do not get peace and clarity, it is my fault. Satpurusha (the enlightened soul) has experienced the truth and then preaches. It is a Heart to Heart talk.

For acquiring knowledge, Holy Company is required. Be respectful towards elders, Saints, Rishis. The realised Souls are beyond understanding. They are compassionate, pure,silent. The word is Law. Body does not bless you, that which blesses you does not die. God's love is unconditional. God blesses you with form and without form. The fullest teaching, 100% teaching, knowledge is in the Bhagawad Gita. When you pour water to the roots, it reaches to every branch, leaf etc. One salutation to Krishna reaches to all the deities.

Guru's love is endless, chases you for births together. Family members, friends, relatives are only for this life, the relation with Guru continues forever. Association with realised souls is essential. They will bring enlightenment into you. They will make it know to you.

EVERYTHING IS IN THE MIND. The best job is to purify our mind. You cannot get the Truth by your mind, thoughts or thinking. Surrender your mind. Your effort will not get wasted in this birth. Guru will chase you in every birth. God knows better what is best for us. Creation is in the hands of the creator. Saint and God are one. One salutation to a saint is to God. Holy Company is like natural air, in their presense, the vibrations also work. They are like the beautiful flowers emitting sweet fragrance. The waves of peace automatically get pass-on to you in their presence. The glory of Guru works naturally, normally, silently without your kowledge and eliminates wrong habits, weaknesses tendencies in you. Everything of Guru is grace, His walk, His speech, one word, one glance and even silence. Without your effort, in whose presence, you feel to know, to aspire that is your Guru. If you are deserving, Guru comes to you, you need not go to Him.

Boulders - like tendencies will be washed away by Guru's grace self-less action leads to God's graceand ultimate realisation. The tendencies to express themselves function through matter and body, may bring pleasures but additional and multiplied sorrows follow. Respecting time is equivalent to respecting God. God has created some souls to live for others. Craving and longing is enough. The True Guru inside you will drag you inwards. False Gurus will push you outside.

ATTACHMENT IS SIN withdraw the false 'I', Artificial 'I', body-bounded 'I' and take it to the root inside and as soon as it sees the source - The True I, you get the Brahmic state. You try by all means to reach the goal. Every day is this my last day. That is how one should do saadhana(spiritual practice) with total effort and hard work you will get God's grace. Guru is the indwellerin your heart. He watches your effort. Your good thought word, deed will not get wasted. It will come in return to you. Do not associate with wordly people. Be very careful in early stage of spiritual path. Do your duty and ignore the result. This is also devotion, total surrender to God - This is secret of Karma (ACTION). Till you have not attained the True peace, Happiness, Power, Knowledge, whatever you may gain is dream stuff. Spend your time in remembering God and Saadhana should be performed to the best of our ability.




Courtesy: Smt. Neelam
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