Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Juvvalapalem

15th November 2007


My Dear Soul-mates,

Man undergoes three states I.e. wakeful, dream and deep sleep. The real thing exists in all the three states. Thoughts do not exist in deep sleep state. That thoughtless state should be experienced in the other two states also. The mind gets separated from the body in deep sleep state. To obtain that separateness we have to uproot the false ‘I’ and everything based on it. Fear and anger are like wild dogs. Sense organs should be disciplined and controlled, slowly, gradually and steadily.

Human body is given to you for performing Saadhana. Begin it now. You should get prepared like the fully ripened fruit which gets dropped naturally without any pressure or intervention. When the Saadhana (Spiritual practice) reaches the maximum saturation point then naturally divine grace is bestowed.

Everybody is earning their livelihood. We should do punyas(merits) with dedication, devotion and unselfishly. Jealousy is dangerous. Purification of mind is essential. Everybody does not love us, many people hate us too. Do not panic. We should love all and hate none. Lord Krishna is supposed to be a Butter thief. Krishna robs the mind of those whose mind is soft and pure like Butter. We try to achieve everything but we never pray to achieve God. It is because our mind is not good. Accumulated merits of previous births also count. Gratitude is a very important quality.

The paramatma (The Supreme Self), Dakshinamurthy (Lord Shiva), their state, their peace and stability we can obtain in this birth, if our conduct is proper and peaceful. Saadhana is not so easy. You should resume it gradually. Do your duty properly towards your family members without attachment and with no special regard. Otherwise you will get bounded to them.

Man can give birth to children but not to their destiny. Everybody has their own life-span. Even with friends we should not have special regards. You should not have enmity with anybody and if anybody has enmity with you, ignore it and even in your mind never entertain such thoughts. Supreme knowledge is cosmic. It has neither friends nor enemies. Good books are equal to good friends. If you do not have a good friend, a good book is of great help to you. If you obtain the supreme state, the whole world will be benefited by you even without your knowledge. Thought, word and deed should be one. In spiritual field, basically dispassion is required. The mind should be balanced under any circumstances favorable or not even in heavy storms or greater storms. The ups and downs in the mind can be overcome. Then you can have the glimpses of light. People will take you as an ideal. You will be of great help to the society.

All sorrow comes from the thought that I have achieved, I have accomplished. If at all you have really achieved something, it is only by the will of God. It is pre-destined. Present happiness will turn into sorrow tomorrow. You are not getting insight due to attachment. ATTACHMENT IS THE GREATEST SIN. Sometimes God sends the mind outwards and observes whether it is stable or not. It is a test. World is a training ground. We get useless thoughts, dust. That is also given by God. Cultivate devotion towards God. He is your true Father. We don’t have respect and faith in him. We are faithless. Our body and sense-organs are in good condition and we are in youth. We should use them only for God now. We have worldly thoughts and no Godly thoughts. We do not have right thinking. When you think only of God, He will bear you and everything of you.

God’s word we feel is unreal because we do not know the Truth. But when we reach that state, we can understand and believe it. Only a Mahatma can follow a Mahatma. We have to reach that standard. Purification of the mind is the entrance to devotion, to Saadhana. Cultivate Satvaguna(the virtuous quality) enhance it and produce it in thought, word and deed. Reduce the other two gunas (Raja and Tama - these are negative qualities). They increase ego and bondage in us.

Start the journey towards God. Mind is fond of thinking. Let it think of God. Then it will stop going outside and will turn inwards. You are enjoying the world, whether you understand it or not, like in a cinema. Learn to enjoy silence. Speech is silver and silence is golden. The being has to travel alone. Practice to be alone for minimum one hour daily and comprehend upon your thoughts and weaknesses and try to eliminate them. Guru Nanak (the great Sikh Guru) said, however many crores of rupees you may possess you cannot carry even one pin along with you after death.

At the time of death of Goutam Buddha, the message to his brother Anand was, do not weep for the death of Buddha, but try to attain the state that Buddha attained. The body of Buddha should be cremated as of the common man, for He did not crave for recognition.

Buddha was a man of compassion, most impersonal love, tremendous love, 150 people got enlightenment on the spot only by his sight(darshan). He had boldness and was fearless. He was beyond everything and He cannot be understood by petty-minded, little-minded and chicken-hearted people.

That rush, and that speed is wanted to do Saadhana which emerges from sitting on a fire pot.

If you have the spiritual strength, a burning desire, true devotion, longing, craving towards God, God does not delay, instantly gives you liberation whether you are deserving or not.

Sombody asked Bhagawan, Sri Ramana Maharshi that my father expired and shall I perform the customary rituals for his soul. He replied, the day you realize the true ‘I’, the true knowledge, your ancestors will also attain that state in Seven worlds. That is the wonderful glory.

Another devotee asked Bhagawan, I want the required dedication, devotion neither less not more, for eliminating the false ‘I’, mind, body-boundedness and they should be burned totally without any remains. He not only intelligently prayed to Bhagwan but also surrendered to Him.

Krishna said, after death you may go to other worlds, but now in this birth whoever has controlled the mind, sense-organs obtains peace and happiness and he need not strive for anything. Try to attain that state.

The great Paramacharya said, Live with faith in God. There is Iswara. Ishwara’s devotion should be done by all human beings. Cultivate devotion. Do not leave the feet of God. Catch hold of the feet of God. The fishes fall prey into the fisherman’s net but the fish which is closer to the fisherman’s feet does not fall into it. Similarly when we hold to God’s feet, we do not fall into His Maya (Illusion).

Pray for devotion. That is the only path.




Courtesy: Smt. Neelam
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