Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Jinnuru

07th August 2006


My Dear Soul-mates,

Birth and death, re-birth… is all illusion (MAYA).  Everything is destined but we do not know and do not accept it.

KRISHNA is very friendly by nature.  He dispelled the poverty of Sudhama, his loving friend and Saved Arjuna his best friend, not even caring for the dishonour it might bring to him.  Bhisma was supposed to be killed only by God.  Krishna killed him with his disc.  He broke the promise of not using the weapons, only for the sake of friendship.  RAMA also gave great regard to friendship.  Make friendship with intellectuals, good persons and HOLY MEN.

REMEMBER-Firstly, Purify your heart, whoever you may be or whosever devotee you may be.  It is possible when you gradually reduce the dualities: likes-dislikes, love-hatred etc. Everything is destined but this Artificial ‘I’ ruins us.  It is the cause of all Sorrows, Suffering, pain, unhappiness, unrest.  It can be removed only by Self-enquiry.  We do not even know that we should learn how to purify our heart.  Every effort of ours should observe whether our thought word and deed is body-bounded or not?

BEWARE OF LIARS-they are more dangerous than the most poisonous snake. 

Do Perform your duty without desire and with pure heart and sincerely, allotting only 10% of the time to it and rest of 90% of time should be utilized for knowing God and one should pray to God to bless him with the SUPREME KNOWLEDGE.  All thoughts are untrue except that of GOD.  Balance your life and mind.

Service to the society leads to the purification of the heart.  Our well wisher speaks good words to us.  GOD is the highest well-wisher of all and speaks good and only TRUTH. Read, Hear, understand, follow, practice and if we are not able to practice, Analyze – Why am I not able to practice? , then, your mind will get purified.  We do not get purified by chanting name, only when GOD wants us to get purified, we can get purified.  We should have absolute faith in GOD. Love, devotion, total surrender-GOD will absorb you into Him.

Develop the love and devotion Hanuman had towards Rama and Gopikas had towards Krishna.  Bhagawan said, True devotee does not desire even for salvation; i.e. total surrender.  God’s will is his will.

His prayer is that GOD should always be with him every moment and in any and every birth and his every action is only for GOD.  He speaks only about GOD.  Such great is Devotion. From devotion, you get strength, power, peace, happiness, rest, Knowledge and the body-boundedness is gone, and you become one with GOD.

GOD knows what is best for us.  GOD can take a form or can be formless.  Everything is destined.  GOD is the director and we are the actors.  Whatever action is done is got done by GOD through the instruments and tools but we though being tools in the hands of GOD think that ‘I’ (the false I) is functioning.


GOD has sent this body with a mission. Once it is accomplished, it will leave.  This body is born after the collections of impressions of many births and adopts them as tendencies, weaknesses, nature etc.  so this is how the cycle of births and deaths repeats itself.  The only way to come out of it is by sincere and honest prayer, GOD please Bless me with peace, happiness, knowledge, take away whatever merits and sins I possess, take away all the worldly attachments I possess, this is again total surrender.  Take the right direction, do not bother about the speed. Even an ant can reach the destination while following the right direction.

To reach GOD is a great struggle, from bottom to the top, conquering the mind, sense-organs, dualities, ego, worldly attachments, body-boundedness, etc., and we get entangles in one or the other matters.

The best way out is to directly hold to GOD strongly and constantly and then automatically everything will get removed like the whole darkness is dispelled by sunlight, the union with GOD is the ultimate bliss, the supreme knowledge, salvation and everything.




Courtesy: Smt. Neelam
© 2010 Sri Ramana Kshetram, Jinnuru 534265, Andhra Pradesh, India
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