Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Bhimavaram

02nd March 2006


My Dear Soul-mates,

We all are getting sorrow only because we are not able to accept the will of God. We get knowledge by looking INSIDE. We should be careful and responsible too. There is a relation between God and us. We do not have to worry about anything living or dead. We go to temples and pray that our desires should get fulfilled but we are not able to know the absolute truth.

We are not able meditate on God. We do not have the capability or capacity for it. That which it is, will definitely come into our consciousness. Our every word and action should be service-oriented. By service, our mind gets purified, clarified, becomes fine and increases devotion in God. You all will get salvation.

Your mind get spoilt, rather poisoned, by worldly thoughts. If you have control over your mind and sense - organs, your Karma (DESTINY) will pass off like how the seasons also come and go. When our mind is pure, we can be peaceful and happy without any outside help and only by self - thinking. Self-help is the best help. And only our controlled mind can help us, No outsider can ever help us. EVERYTHING IS IN THE MIND.

We should decrease the fondness for the dualities: likes-dislikes, happiness-sorrow, love-hatred etc, nothing is permanent, it is illusion (MAAYA), there is no happiness in worldy matters, true happiness is inside, in your heart. EVEN THIS WILL PASS AWAY.

Why do people get unrest? because, they do imagine things, but it will surely turn into peace.

Our prayer should not be mechanical, Jesus said, not only prayer, our every action big or small, should be with love and dedication to GOD. We should disconnect our mind from the body and sense - organs and it will automatically get united with GOD.

Only when you are hungry or thirsty you can eat food or drink water. Similarly, only when you have the thirst, the urge, the longing the craving, the aspiration for God, can you attain or reach the destination. By patience and tolerance your SAADHANA should lead you to your goal.

A person who does his work properly, perfectly, is cool and calm and full and complete. Do not aspire for publicity or copy or imitate others whether at home or outside. Observe other people's talk, be on guard, our religion is great, it is enough, do not get carried away by wrong talks, you should have your own thinking.

This world is like a school, we have to learn knowledge from every situation. Our goal should be self-realisation and our mind always fixed on it then, whatever difficulties, obstacles or sorrows may come, they appear very small, petty and minor things to us. Mahatma Gandhi's goal was GOD-RAMA. He said that the love, devotion, humility, service, sacrifice, patriotism etc were all the opening for the purification of the heart. The Truth, The Ultimate, GOD is inside the heart. Every person likes himself. You should learn to like God. When you ask, God gives it, but for who does not, GOD gives everything and Himself tool. You should have total devotion to God like Bhaktha Sudaama. He remembered only Krishna and even forgot the purpose of his visit to Krishna, true devotion and only devotion nothing else.

A Saint's presense, glance, word is enough you should take shelter unto them, you should serve the saints, they bless you, they remove your weaknesses, they make you like them and take you to your goal. Books, Friends and Holy company - they make you what they are.

We have mind, God also has mind. Our mind should function like the mind of God. Sometimes both tally but whatever happens, happens with the will of God. You should set your goal and try, try and stand on your feet, learn to walk, for fear of failure, you cannot escape the test. If youmove according to the willof God, you will attain both the worlds. One small bad habit is enough to ruin a man.


Courtesy: Smt. Neelam
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