Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Sri Nannagaru Ashram

Arunachala, 23rd May 2003


Arunachala means Red Mountain and it is more ancient than Kailasa. The mountain itself is Siva. Annamalai means unattainable mountain and it means that it couldnít be reached by Vishnu or Brahma. For those who come to Arunachala after death there wonít be any more journeys. After the mind is destroyed Ė no more journeys. Heaven and Hell are created worlds. Wherever you may go the final destination is Arunachaleswara. He only brought you here.

A lady came to Bhagavan and said, ĎI am illiterate. I just do Siva japa. Bhagavan said, ĎThat is enough. You have caught what should be caught.í Education is an illusion - instead of reading millions of books; a little bit of Guruís Grace is enough. The Guru is within us and He steers our life in the way it should be steered. He watches the mind and how it is wandering.

One person asked Bhagavan, ĎDo I have Godís Grace?í Bhagavan said, ĎDue to Godís Grace only you have come here.í Just like sun and light are inseparable, God and Grace canít be separated. The problems we face are also Godís Grace. We canít stop the death of that which is born (body) and we canít kill that which isnít born (consciousness). A person asked Bhagavan, ĎDoes God exist?í Bhagavan replied, ĎThat which exists is God only.í Then he asked, ĎIf God exists, then why isnít He known?í ĎThis is due to only two reasons; the wandering of the mind and wrong thinking, nothing else.í Wrong thinking also springs from selfishness.

When happiness comes, it is immeasurable. You canít measure it yourself so how will you be able to tell others? There need not be ninety reasons for rebirth. If you think that something isnít attainable here and that thought is there at death, that one reason is enough to give you rebirth.

Whether the body is there or not, a jnani is happy. Whether the world is visible or invisible, he is happy. Happiness continues. There is no difference. If difference arises rebirth comes. This concept requires proper understanding.

  • The world isnít real in the form of the world, it is real in the form of Self. A chain isnít real in the form of chain it is real in the form of gold.

  • We think Lord Krishna did many great things, but Krishna didnít think so! If work is performed with ego, karma binds it. If done without ego, it is Atma and that work doesnít bind.

  • Buddha (planet Mercury) does good or if it canít it will keep quiet. But it wonít harm. That is why I like Wednesdays (the day of Lord Buddha).


Courtesy: Meenakshi Ammal, Tiruvannamalai
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